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October 10, 2016
Shide Network, JA House

Shide Network, JA House

Shide Consulting have partnered with JA House on a great initiative to create training, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for those in need.

We have partnered with JA House to assist with their employability work stream as part of our Recruitment and Coaching service offerings.  Additional services we will be providing to them includes:

  • Life & Business Coaching
  • A readiness program to matriculants as they transition to work
  • IT Development training – for those interested in the IT sector and have the aptitude  –
  • Format will be a classroom set-up
  • For the ones who like nature, excursions into the mountains, facilitation of environmental knowledge and exposure to botany, further enhancing their appreciation for the environment
  • Business Coaching to the JA House leadership team
  • Entrepreneurship – knowledge sharing on how to set up a business and some of the pitfalls to avoid

Shide CEO Shirley Morse is delighted to partner on this amazing concept.

“It’s our opportunity to give back to the community.We will be able to give participants additional skills that they can use should they wish to, by up-skilling them in areas that they might not ordinarily be exposed to,” said Morse

“Everyone who will be part of the classes will be between 17 and 25 years old, so we will have the opportunity to shape the way forward for the next generation, which the Shide team is really excited about.”